Green Card Through Marriage


Easygration was founded to offer couples a more affordable way to apply for a green card than using a lawyer, who sometimes charge more than $1,000, and a quicker way than completing the forms by yourself, saving you the time and effort to learn the immigration jargon and to fill the forms.

Having successfully gone through the green card through marriage application ourselves, we understand your situation and can offer you a personal and professional service.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, and since you can pay with PayPal or Google Checkout you can use our services with confidence.

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Green card through marriage

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"I’ve worked with Boaz from easygration to submit my marriage based green card application. Boaz was very knowledgeable and was able to guide me throughout the process. With his help I was able to save hundreds of dollars in lawyer fees. He successfully guided me through the mass of forms and bureaucracy involved in the process. Since I had some free legal advice through my employer, I also went to have my application checked by a lawyer at the end of the process. It was spotless. The lawyer charged my company $300 for the one hour consultation. I can’t imagine the price tag for doing the entire process through a lawyer instead of easygration.”

Yair, Seattle

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EasyGration was founded by Boaz Cohen, an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of business experience. Boaz founded EasyGration, after marrying his wife Emily and successfully going through the green card through marriage process. Boaz is an active members in some of the leading online immigration support forums: Wiki Answers Immigration,, and  Yahoo Answers Immigration. Boaz holds an MBA from Kellogg - Northwestern University, and his resume can be found here